The Hebrew word “Tzedakah” is translated to mean “charity” - a benevolent act of generosity toward the poor or needy.

In fact, the word is derived from its root, “tzedek” – meaning “justice” or “fairness” and it is this sense of justice that underpins the obligation of every Jew to ensure that the needs of the poor or needy are met.

Within Judaism, giving “charity” is not merely an act of kindness. It is a just obligation. It is an act of righteousness and fairness. It is the performance of a duty to ensure that those in need are cared for.

It is hard to believe, but often recipients to the Fund are the unassuming people living next door to us or playing with our children in the school playground daily!

Each year, the Mizrachi Charity Fund forwards approximately $150,000 in aid to those within our Jewish community who find themselves in dire financial crises. Our funds are used for the relief of poverty, welfare, maintenance, advancement or the education of persons suffering physical and /or economic hardship. Such assistance includes but is not limited to:

  • Food Vouchers
  • Rent Assistance
  • Payment of utilities such as Electricity, Gas, Water
  • Payment of medical bills, medication, car registrations

Additionally, twice a year, prior to Pesach and Rosh Hashanah, clients are gifted with food and/or funds to assist with the preparations of these Holydays. Working with a network of other community care providers, we are also in a position to direct clients to a wide range of services offering financial planning, counselling, healthcare or vocational training. In addition, a Gemach Fund is able to provide interest free loans to people who need short term assistance resulting from illness, misfortune or simply to assist with the affordability of a new piece of equipment needed in their business, or to meet the cost of a child’s wedding.

Originally formed by the members of the Mizrachi Synagogue Melbourne to assist needy people both locally and in Israel, the Mizrachi Charity Fund has grown significantly in terms of the scope and regularity of assistance provided.

Two appeals for donations are made each year – our Maot Chittin Appeal prior to Pesach and another prior to Rosh Hashanah and it is due primarily to Mizrachi members and generous supporters that we are able to offer much needed relief to those in the wider Jewish Community.

Referrals for assistance are often made by community members but increasingly, many clients are referred to us by Jewish Care and other communal charity providers. Wherever possible we work together in order to maximise the benefits we can provide.

The Mizrachi Charity Fund is supervised by a small management committee. Applications for assistance are handled on a strictly confidential basis.

Should you wish to refer someone for urgent assistance, please do not hesitate to do so by contacting us via email or calling the Charity Office.

03 8317 2503.